Untold International is partnering with GP Red to complete the Literacy Center at Asisiriwa!

GP Red is a Colorado nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating the creation of inter-disciplinary, innovative, practical management tools and strategies intended to enhance and promote integration of health, recreation, and land management industries through research, education, and development.

As Untold International continues the work of completing the Literacy Center at Asisiriwa, GP Red unanimously voted to come alongside us and help us achieve our goals of empowering the local community through education.

What makes the Literacy Center at Asisiriwa special?

Begun as a collaborative project between Colorado-based nonprofit organization Untold International and the rural community of Asisiriwa in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, the Literacy Center is being built from the ground up to offer literacy education and resources in order to empower and inspire future generations of Ghanaians.

The Center will consist of three parts:

  1. A library stocked with primarily African and African-American literature, in keeping with Untold International’s core belief in the importance of representation;
  2. A semi-outdoor community space designed to facilitate discussion, performance, and sharing stories, information, and life; and
  3. A classroom where foundational literacy classes will be offered in both the official language of English and the local language of Twi.

The project is fully in line with Untold International’s vision:

Accepting that storytelling unlocks imagination which unlocks innovation, and that Ghanaian plights are resolved by Ghanaian people with Ghanaian solutions, we seek to provide literacy education in both the local language and English, stimulate appreciation through libraries of primarily African literature, and create a cultural revival wherein the world can hear the once-quiet voices of unsilenced narrative.

What does this partnership mean for Untold International?

Practically, this partnership represents an opportunity for Untold International to continue accepting tax-deductible donations to continue the work in Asisiriwa, and, in the future, in other African communities.

However, this partnership also represents a collaboration between two globally-minded organizations seeking to make the world a better place. The partnership came about organically, as GP Red’s project manager for the partnership is Steve Blackburn, the architect who first designed the Literacy Center, and a staunch supporter of Untold International’s mission.

We are proud to partner with GP Red to complete the Literacy Center (nearly 90% complete already), and look forward to what the future holds.

We are happy to welcome your donations exclusively through GP Red!

Click the link below to be redirected to GP Red’s giving page.

Donate through GP Red


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