• Region/District/Circuit: Asisiriwa is located in Ghana’s Ashanti Region, in the Bosomtwe District, along the road between Kuntanase and Beposo. For pragmatic purposes, it may be important to know that it falls into the Bekwai electrical grid, as power outages are frequent and often unpredictable in the village.
  • Getting There:
    • From Kumasi: There are several options for getting to Asisiriwa, which lies approximately one hour southeast of the city by individual car, or about two hours by public transport. There are no buses that pass Asisiriwa, but tro-tros are cheaper, more direct, and run more frequently anyway. From Roman Hill or Kejetia, the easiest is to take a tro-tro going to Kuntanase, Bekwai, or Atonsu Agogo, although Kuntanase cars are preferable (and more popular, so you may have to wait). These cars require transfers at either Kuntanase or Atonsu; however, they also run more frequently than straight cars to the lake district. From Atonsu Agogo, take another tro-tro to Kuntanase, where you can join a shared taxi directly to Asisiriwa.
      Our favorite spot to leave Kumasi for Asisiriwa, however, is from Asafo station, where there is a tro-tro operated by an Asisiriwa local that makes the circuit between Beposo and Asafo station daily. As with most tro-tros, the car leaves only when full, so be prepared to wait for up to three hours for the added convenience of a straight car.
    • From Accra: Tro-tros are an option, but for the same price you can enjoy the luxury of a VVIP bus from the station at the chaotic construction mess that was Nkrumah Circle. These buses, like tro-tros, leave when full (as opposed to a set schedule) and do not pass Asisiriwa directly on their way to Kumasi. However, simply tell the driver or mate that you wish to alight at Bomfa Junction (usually about an hour past the rest stop and immediately past Konongo) and they will helpfully oblige. From the junction station at Bomfa, join a shared taxi to Beposo (not Asiwa, which, despite its similar spelling and sound, is a completely different town), where you can join almost any shared taxi just beginning the circuit that starts at Beposo and ends in Kumasi (most will assume you’re headed to Kuntanase). You will shortly pass Brodekwano and Mim before arriving in Asisiriwa. If you reach Nyamiyani, you’ve gone too far.
      Traveling to Asisiriwa from Accra usually takes about 6-7 hours in total.
  • Getting Away: Your best option to get anywhere in the country from the village is to first get to Kumasi, from whence you can take a tro-tro or bus pretty much anywhere. To get to Kumasi, join a shared taxi or tro-tro heading west from the main junction in the middle of town. Most tro-tros will be heading toward Asafo, while most shared taxis will drop you in Kuntanase, where you can usually find a Kumasi-bound tro-tro without much difficulty. On some days, however, your best option will be a tro-tro to Atonsu Agogo, which is a larger junction and will therefore be fine; it just means one more transfer.