How can I get involved without donating money?

There are several ways to get involved that don’t require you to give any money at all. Here are some options:

What resources do you need?

Currently, the resources in top demand are money and books, although information is also key. We are partnering with local organizations like the Osu Children’s Library Fund and the Writers Project of Ghana to help sustain and grow this project, and any insight into communities in need of literacy education and resources will be hugely helpful.

Are non-monetary donations tax-deductible?

Not at the moment, unfortunately. As of August 2016, Untold International lost its fiscal sponsorship from the Center for Personal and Relationship Counseling, and with it its 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit status with the IRS. While we are in the process of securing our own freestanding nonprofit status, and we are always accepting donations, any and all donations made to Untold International until further notice are not able to be claimed as charitable donations when filing taxes.

**All donations made prior to August 2016 may be claimed on taxes as charitable donations under the CPRC tax ID number included on Untold International receipts.**

How will you use donations of resources?

It greatly depends on the resources donated. Books will be used for the library, and for teaching literacy workshops; workbooks will be used in workshops; a computer would be helpful in managing the library and facilitating writing workshops. Information about communities in need will help us choose the right place for the center.

I have more questions!

And we have answers! Fill out this contact form and we’ll get back to you right away, or contact us directly at


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