The most recent world literacy statistics from UNESCO and the CIA’s World Factbook show that the global literacy rate stands at a startling 86.1%, and Ghana’s literacy rate is even lower, at 76.6%. This means that approximately 781 million people globally do not know how to read and write. Of those 781 million, approximately 6.1 million of them are in Ghana.

Why does it matter? Illiteracy has been linked to poverty, crime, low health and quality of living, and high rates of unemployment. By providing literacy education and resources to individuals and communities in need, we join a global movement toward empowerment for all, especially in some of the most at-risk and impoverished communities in the world.

A literate world is a more creative, more informed, more innovative world. Join us as we take the first steps in raising the global literacy rate–one person at a time.

How can you get involved? There are many ways to get involved with Untold International’s vision, but right now one of the best, most needed ways is by becoming a monthly donor. These can be as small or as large as you feel comfortable giving, and will be invaluable to the construction and maintenance of the center. A monthly donation may seem like a big commitment, but let me put it this way: $10 a month may replace two coffees that month for you, and could mean an extra ten concrete blocks for the center. A monthly donation of $100 could mean choosing to eat a family meal or two at home per month, but would pay the entire monthly salary for a local librarian in Ghana. The potential reward for these contributions is incalculable; imagine what a salaried librarian could do for a community by providing programming, community events, and fostering literacy in a space you helped provide!

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We believe everyone deserves access to literacy education and resources. Will you help us #RaiseTheNumber?