Donation FAQ

Are donations to Untold International tax deductible?
What does fiscal sponsorship mean?
How can I donate?
Will I receive a receipt?
Will Untold International receive the full donation?
Can I designate where I want my donation to go?
What will my donation mean?

Non-Monetary Donation FAQ

How can I get involved without donating money?
What resources do you need?
Are non-monetary donations tax deductible?
How will you use donations of resources?

Untold International FAQ

What does the logo mean?
What is “postcolonialism?”
Who are you anyway?
What is your plan exactly?

Volunteer FAQ

Are there volunteer opportunities in the US?
How can I volunteer in Ghana?
I don’t live in the US or Ghana. Can I still volunteer?

Silent Auction FAQ

Give me the details.
Why is this important?
How do I bid on an item?
Do I have to create an account?
How can I win an item?
Can I buy an item without bidding on it?
Do I have to be a certain age to participate in the auction?
I’m too busy to check on the auction regularly. Can I have someone bid for me?
I won my item! Now what?
Do I have to pay with cash or check if I pick up the item in-person?
What if 2 bids on the same item are exactly the same?
Oops! I bid beyond my means and won an item.
I won my item and paid for it, but now I don’t want it. Can I have a refund?
What if someone outbids me at the very last minute?

I have more questions!

And we have answers! Fill out this contact form and we’ll get back to you right away, or contact us directly at


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