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We believe stories have the power to change the world.
That’s why we work to empower communities through language and literature. 

Our Vision

Accepting that storytelling unlocks imagination which unlocks innovation, and that Ghanaian plights are resolved by Ghanaian people with Ghanaian solutions, we seek to collaborate with some of the most underprivileged, under-resourced, and underrepresented communities in Ghana to provide literacy education and resources through libraries of primarily African literature, extracurricular literacy education in both English (the official language) and Asante Twi (or other local language), and writing workshops in both languages to facilitate and practice creative and innovative thinking.

We strongly believe that the world is full of voices that, due to illiteracy or a global ignorance of their importance, are never heard. The world needs these voices and the innovative wisdom they may offer in order to answer the questions facing us in the future. No one should feel that their story is unimportant or irrelevant.

Let us be clear: The purpose of Untold International is primarily to provide resources to Ghanaians living in rural communities who are suffering from lack of access to adequate literacy education, through unbalanced student-teacher ratios, lack of materials, and low prioritization of education. We believe the stories already exist; we simply want to provide the keys to unlock them.

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Our Values
We understand that we undertake a responsibility when engaging in international humanitarian work.

That’s why we’ve applied the following four core questions to our organization in an effort to maintain transparency and accountability.

Absolutely. From the beginning, Untold International has been focused on the idea that Ghanaian plights must be solved by Ghanaian people using Ghanaian solutions. Kasadwini Atenaeɛ is designed to be a community space, that belongs 100% to the community. While both founders were born and raised in the United States, the organization and project are firmly rooted in Ghana, and are represented by two local librarians and a local board.

Yes–almost 100%. We have been privileged and honored to be welcomed into Asisiriwa with open arms, and the community has provided much of the infrastructure we would have needed to cover with overhead, including housing for our founders for the 8-month (or more) duration of their volunteer work. With the exception of airfare, approximately 100% of donations go toward the project.

This question seems strange for us to answer, but we do our best to use our privilege as a nonprofit organization based out of the United States to provide a platform for less privileged voices. Our goal is to “give a blank page to the unheard,” meaning that rather than try to speak for the communities we aim to assist and collaborate with, we want to give them the resources and skills to speak for themselves. This is so central to our mission that we emphasize the importance of providing literacy education and resources in the local language to the communities we seek to serve, as we believe that innovation is easiest and most effective when it doesn’t have to be translated. If you believe we are falling short or failing in this endeavor, please let us know.

The answer to this is unequivocally yes. By partnering with local communities and seeking to collaborate with local leaders like Professor Kofi Agyekum of the University of Ghana, we are coming alongside an already growing movement toward the decolonization of language and education in Africa, and are working toward a more informed, more literate, and more connected African continent–while still recognizing and respecting the differences each language community, nation, kingdom, and culture has to offer.

What We Do

Kasadwini Atenaeɛ Language Arts Center

a Library

filled with a curated catalog of African literature, African American literature, reference and textbooks, and children’s books featuring Black protagonists. We have also partnered with the Bureau of Ghana Languages to provide novels, stories, textbooks, and drama in Asante Twi, Mfantse (or Fante), Akuapem Twi, and Nzema.

A covered amphitheater

designed for performances, lectures, reading, or just hanging out. The steps can comfortably seat around 100 students.

A classroom

offering extracurricular literacy classes for children and adults in both English (the official language) and Asante Twi (the local language). In the future, it will also house writing workshops in both Asante Twi and English.

A Single Library Has A Huge Impact

A Single Library Has

A Huge Impact

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Latest Blog Posts

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Brady Blackburn

Co-Founder & CEO

Brady Blackburn’s life was changed by a study abroad in Ghana in 2012. The culture got into his blood and he happily returned five more times after that, once for seven months during the initial construction of Kasadwini Atenaeɛ, the language arts center in the rural village of Asisiriwa. He has also worked there as a program leader for a study abroad organization, helping introduce American high school students to Ghanaian culture. He earned his Master of Arts in African Verbal and Visual Arts at the University of Bayreuth in Germany in 2019, and works as a research associate with the project Recalibrating Afrikanistik. He also teaches at the University of Bayreuth and is continuing his study of languages, including Akan Twi, Norwegian, and German.

His focus in on the representation of minority languages and their development through creative writing.

Anne Thingelstad Blackburn

Director of Development

Anne Thingelstad Blackburn joined the Untold International board of directors in 2021 as the Director of Development. Her unwavering support of Untold International since its inception has led to donations of books, school supplies, clothing, and more to the community of Asisiriwa. Anne’s background as a writer, educator, and administrator, as well as a staunch advocate for literacy and literature, makes her a perfect addition to our board.

Anne lives in Colorado with her dog Kaya.

Dustin Wilson


Dustin Wilson lives and works in Northern Colorado and is a happily married father to 3 beautiful girls. His greatest passions in life are his Catholic faith, his wonderful wife, and their 3 vibrant daughters. While he has never been to Africa or seen Kasadwini Atenaeɛ in person, he is also very dedicated to his deep friendships with Brady and Kaitlyn, and is full of enthusiasm for most everything they devote their lives towards, including Kasadwini Atenaeɛ. 

His focus is staying on top of the expenses and initiating international transfers while keeping the organization’s roots grounded in the United States.

Jason Medina


Jason Medina was introduced to Untold International through his daughter Kaitlyn, and immediately became involved. Over the years, he has been a strong voice of support and guidance, volunteering countless hours of his time and managerial expertise to realize the goal of bringing literacy education and resources to people on the other side of the globe. Service is not new to Jason, however, as he has previously served on the board of the Loveland Youth Gardeners and volunteered for years when not working as a mechanical engineer and project champion.

Jason lives in Colorado with his wife Robin, their dogs Loki and Poco, and donkey DQ.

Clement Quist-Nsabaah

Director of Untold Ghana

When he was first introduced to Untold International, Quist was working at the Asisiriwa Junior High School as a computer technology teacher. He immediately supported the project to build a literacy center in the village and has since worked tirelessly to make that goal a reality. He volunteers as a liaison to the community on behalf of Untold International and manages the finances on the ground in Ghana. He is an indispensable part of the Untold International board and team, and we are extremely grateful for him, his work, and his continued support.

Quist currently teaches at a nearby school in Feyiase.

Iveson Kumi Kwadwo

Head Librarian

An award-winning math teacher and Asisiriwa native, Kumi has been an outspoken supporter for Untold International since he first learned of the organization in 2015. Since then, he has received training as a librarian from the Osu Children’s Library Fund in Accra, continued teaching and improving his skills, and has overseen the construction of Kasadwini Atenaeɛ in the village. In his capacity as librarian, he has created reading clubs and helped students find resources to help them succeed in their studies – no matter their age. He is smart, sensitive, and excited about his work as the librarian at the literacy center he has helped to build.

Read an interview with Kumi here.

Mary Akayini

Head Teacher

Mary recently earned her diploma in basic education and works as the head teacher at Kasadwini Atenaeɛ, where she teaches extracurricular literacy and public speaking courses in both English and Twi. She also began offering a class on reproductive health and menstruation for both boys and girls in Asisiriwa and nearby towns in 2021, with help from Dialogue Genitalia GH. In addition to her diploma, Mary has also been trained as a librarian through the Osu Children’s Library Fund in Accra. She is a bright, kindhearted person, and we are proud to have her on our team.

Read an interview with Mary here.

Kaitlyn Blackburn

communication & design

Co-founder Kaitlyn Blackburn (nee Medina) received her Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Regis University in 2013, became certified to teach English as a foreign language in 2014, and is currently pursuing her MA in Intercultural Anglophone Studies at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. She spent seven months in Asisiriwa overseeing the construction of Kasadwini Atenaeɛ, and has also traveled extensively in Europe and the US. 

After stepping down from her 7-year post as chairman of the board in 2022, Kaitlyn continues to support the organization as a communication and design volunteer.

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Professor Kofi Agyekum

Director of Operations

Untold International is proud and honored to have as its Director of Operations in Ghana Professor Kofi Agyekum of the University of Ghana. Professor Agyekum is a preeminent scholar of linguistics, senior lecturer at the University of Ghana, part-time lecturer at Cape Coast University in Ghana, and a consultant on all things Twi – from the Ghanaian government to Coca-Cola. He was born in Asisiriwa, and it is due to his extraordinary influence that Untold International founded its first literacy center, Kasadwini Atenaeɛ, in the village of his birth.

Professor Agyekum lives in Accra.